Your Mer-dreams just became reality...

The International Mermaid Academy offers a unique 'mermaiding' experience, for people of all ages, in various beautiful locations in North America. We are proud to be the first in North America to offer mermaid instructor certifications.

Currently offering our services all over Ontario, Canada, and in Souther Baja, Mexico from La Paz- Los Cabos!

What is 'Mermaiding'?

'Mermaiding' is a fairly new term to describe the action of swimming as a mermaid with a swimmable tail. The tail is made of two pieces, a tail skin made of swimsuit material, and a mono fin. Wearing this mermaid tail you can get the sensation of being a real mermaid while swimming underwater doing the dolphin kick.

Mer Mission

At the International Mermaid Academy, it is our mission to make your mermaid dreams come true in a safe and fun environment as well as to teach the necessity to respect and conserve our natural water ways. We are proud to be leaders in Mermaiding and Mermaid Instructor Certification in North America!

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